Verónica Molina

Veronica is an Engineer in Agribusiness from the Agricultural School “El Zamorano” in Honduras where she participated in rural community development projects, gaining experience in working with small farmers in rural areas. Additionally, she acquired bases in agribusiness, socio-economic development, environment and agriculture. Veronica has a master’s degree in Food and Human Nutrition at Texas A & M, USA, where she helped to promote community development of indigenous women’s groups in Guatemala, Texas, Togo, India and Ecuador. She had the opportunity to volunteer in Togo on a local health center where she worked with UNICEF in nutritional projects for underprivileged children with HIV positive. In Ecuador, she has collaborated with various international cooperation programs, aimed at rural and community development, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries in conservation of natural resources and community health projects food security and nutrition targeted at children, rural mothers and families in general. Throughout her career, Veronica has acquired extensive international experience and field level, so in Ecuador, she wants to continue supporting rural areas in any project or development program involving the same or education.