Mauricio Masache

Mauricio has worked in several projects, designing and implementing strategies for environmental sustainable development, focusing on green buildings, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and resilience in the energy and regenerative and positive design framework. His work experience, in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams in Ecuador, United States, Belgium and Australia, has given him the expertise on project, client and conflict management and problem-solving, moreover, providing knowledge on rating tools, international standards and policies used across private and public sectors. He has been involved in the “Project Heal”, working in community development in several regions of Ecuador, in coordination with the University of Florida and the San Francisco de Quito University; he has worked in the academic sector, teaching and promoting energy efficiency, among other topics, in two universities in Ecuador and giving conferences for different stakeholders. His last research on daylight modelling calibration was presented at the Scientific International Expo and Congress “Research, Development and Innovation in Sustainable Energy” in Quito – Ecuador. Mauricio holds a Master of Environment specialization in Energy Efficiency modelling and implementation, from the University of Melbourne – Australia and a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from the Army Polytechnic School – Ecuador.