Doroty Balarezo

Doroty is an Agricultural Engineer from the Army Polytechnic School (ESPE) – Ecuador and she has a Master’s degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Melbourne in Australia. She has completed several graduate courses in the area of nutrition, reproduction and animal health in the National University of La Plata in Argentina. Elena has worked in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams on dairy farms in Israel (G’varam and Yotvata dairy), involved in research in Australia (University of Melbourne), in research and diagnosis of animal diseases in Argentina (Veterinary Research and Diagnosis Center CEDIVE) and management of dairy farms with small and large producers in Ecuador.

Doroty has worked with small producers designing and implementing systems to improve production, promoting agricultural community economies. She has conducted training, monitoring and technical assistance on milk quality, in the northern communities of the Ecuadorian highlands, creating and managing a payment system for milk quality.

Doroty manages programs to mitigate and adapt to climate change of agricultural systems and livestock production, she handles animal breeding programs, animal feed, reproduction and animal health. Her latest research on the importance of breeding for adaptation to climate change in dairy farms will be presented at the Ibero-American Congress on Climate Change in Mexico.

Currently, she is responsible for the development of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects in agriculture and livestock farms, and Animal Health and welfare projects as part of Eco Global Solutions team.