Climate change

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Our team advise mitigation strategies, assess options for managing climate risks and build resilience.

Our team is expert in:

  • Delivering vulnerability and risks assessment and assessing climate change resilience strategies.
  • Guiding climate change resilience projects in both rural and urban areas.
  • Supporting land-use management, forestry for climate change mitigation REDD+.
  • Assisting in mainstreaming adaptation and mitigation in governance and development policies.
  • Guiding businesses on climate change resilience and carbon management opportunities.
  • Assisting NGOs and public sector in climate change resilience project design and implementation and in mainstreaming adaptation into their development projects.
  • Capacity building, communication and education for climate change leadership.
  • Assessing carbon footprint and compensation opportunities and help our clients to connect with international climate finance stakeholders (e.g. UNFCCC).