“Look deep into nature and then

you will understand

everything better”.

-Albert Einstein


“Earth provides enough to

but not every (human) greed”.

satisfy every (human) need,

-Mahatma Ghandi


“Don't find fault.

Find a remedy”.

- Henry Ford

We are

We are an international group of sustainable development and climate change experts from various disciplinary backgrounds with a common goal to preserve the planet. Because of our passion for our profession, we decided to unite and create a long-lasting network with a central vision for sustainability, committed to developing solutions to the world’s social-environmental challenges.

  • Mission

    The scale of global environmental and developmental challenges is unprecedented in history as human activities are putting countless pressures on Earth’s interdependent systems. By combining new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation and a holistic perspective, Eco Global Solutions aims to address these challenges by mobilizing knowledge, project management skills and technical expertise to promote integrated approaches to global sustainability issues.

  • Vision

    Eco Global Solutions recognizes that societies are an integrated part of the biosphere. Our vision is to provide leadership, innovations, and solutions so as to sustain the world’s development within its planetary boundaries.

  • Focus

    Support communities, local and regional governments, international organizations, the private sector and academia with the necessary tools to enable decision-making processes within the framework of sustainable development, and provide products and services aimed at adapting and mitigating climate change. We align our strategies and objectives according to the sustainable development goals.